Tuesday, August 02, 2005

IDG's woes in Germany

Fellow B2B media blogger Hugo Martin says IDG is having some problems with audited circulation in Germany. It appears that qualified circulation for IDG's Computer Woche is about half what the company had earlier estimated.
I'm a fan of IDG, and a big fan of the company's push into the global marketplace. And whatever is behind these recent problems, I'm convinced that IDG will continue to prosper.
Perhaps Colin Crawford, a media blogger who happens to be vice president for business development at IDG and has a degree in accounting, will post something about the company's challenges in Germany.

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  1. Dear Paul,

    I'm also a longtime ‘fan’ of Pat McGovern and his IDG development since the early 80th. At that time Pat has been very generous to David Bunnell and his team developing the second magazine for the IBM PC world "PC World" (1981) after Tony Gold (owner of Lifeboat/Intersoft) had sold PC Magazine - without asking us - to ZIFF-Davis and let the team and the management (and me and my company) 'staying in the rain'.

    Later, I have been a consultant to IDG in Germany (1984 to 1988)and in the 90th again a competitor in international markets. It always was and is fun to work and / or to fight with IDG because they are a great and successful company with deep pockets.

    I'm known as someone not being specially keen on feeling "the breath from the head quarter", but sometimes things going wrong so much and for such a long time, need urgently attention and a clear out.

    I’m a fan of IDG who cares …

    Best Hugo