Wednesday, January 04, 2006

The heartbreak of a magazine's end

My heart is broken.
What is arguably the best magazine in the B2B world is closing.
It appears that CXO Media, a unit of IDG, has decided to shutter CMO Magazine.
I've used this blog on numerous occasions to sing the praises of CMO. It is, simply, a remarkable publication. And I'm not alone in my love of CMO. The magazine did well in the Folio awards and was named magazine of the year by ASBPE.
I shall it miss it terribly.
It's unclear at this point if CMO's online publication will survive. The Web site did survive an earlier series of layoffs at CXO. So perhaps not all is lost.
FULL DISCLOSURE: IDG hired me last year to speak to its journalists, and I was lucky enough to meet some of CMO's staff on a recent visit to the company's offices in Massachusetts. Furthermore, until a few days ago, I was a consultant to Prism's Chief Marketer family of products, which competes against CMO.

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  1. I completely agree with you, Paul, CMO was a great publication. Content was always packaged so well, covers were bright and attention-getting, I could go on and on. I chaired this past year's ASBPE Magazine of the Year competition, and I recall how impressed all the judges were with CMO. The fact that the publication was so new only served to make its ascent all the more remarkable. I, too, hope that an online version will survive.

    Paul J. Heney
    President, TABPI