Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Eye on the new prizes

Not that we need any more evidence that the world of multimedia journalism is here to stay ... but it is sort of fun to make note of each new development.
Consider if you will the implications of the announcement that the Pulitzer Prize Board will now accept videos and graphics from newspapers as part of their entries.
Or take a look at the submissions to the National Press Photographers Association's first ever contest for multimedia stories.
Or check out the American Society of Business Publication Editors, which is now offering prizes for blogs, newsletters and multiplatform products.

But if it's so clear to so many that online journalism -- marked by interactivity, sound and video, links, usability and conversation -- has arrived, then why are there still so many B2B sites that are simply awful?

For Angela Grant's take on the NPPA awards, click here.
For an earlier post of mine about B2B publishers that don't understand online journalism, click here.

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  1. Thanks for the link! If you happen to hear of any other multimedia journalism contests, let me know. :-)

  2. If I went to a car wash in east LA, it would look exactly like the web site you link to. I'd say that's good marketing: consistent branding via design.

  3. Anonymous,
    That’s a good point. And perhaps this site, owned by the same company, is meant to evoke a carpet stain.