Sunday, December 17, 2006

An overdue and well-deserved award for me

I want to thank the people at Time magazine for naming me Person of the Year.
I'll confess ... I was a little nervous that I wouldn't make it. Inexplicably, the magazine has ignored me for 40 straight years (I won once before, apparently for my solid performance in the first grade, in 1966. But I was forced to share the award with some long-haired teenagers up the street.)
So I was a wee bit pessimistic when I logged on to this morning and asked, "Is it me?'
But Time said, "Yes. It's you."

Now as it turns out, once I read the entire article I found that once again I'm being asked to share the award with a few other folks. But that's fine. Some of them seem like decent people -- such as this nice woman and this interesting man. So I won't complain.

I'm just thrilled that this year I won't have to repeat that ugly lie: "It's an honor just to be nominated."

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  1. I'm pulling a Marlon Brando and refuse to accept my award. Not because of Time's treatment of the American Indians, but because of yet another gutless copout by a publication that is too afraid to put a polarizing individual on its cover as Person of the Year. It is no secret that Time's spineless editors are afraid of upsetting their readers by giving the spotlight to someone they may not like (remember the Ayatollah Khomeini cover in 1979?). So rather than give the designation to someone how had a genuine (if negative) impact on the year (the North Korean or Iranian leaders, Rumsfeld, even Dubya), they went for the soft approach. I'll be reading Newsweek instead.