Tuesday, February 19, 2008

The most important award in B2B journalism

I want to offer my congratulations to my friend Harry McCracken of PC World for winning the most important award in B2B journalism. Harry is this year's recipient of American Business Media's Timothy White Award for editorial integrity.

Harry has had a long and distinguished career. But there's little doubt that the challenges he faced in 2007 played a major role in his winning the award. And there can be little doubt that ABM did the right thing by acknowledging that Harry stood up and did the right thing at a difficult time.

So congratulations to Harry. Congratulations to ABM. Congratulations too to IDG, parent company of PC World and a client of mine. This marks the second consecutive year that the Timothy White award has gone to an IDG editor.

For B2B Magazine's coverage of this year's award, click here.

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  1. I've known Harry for probably about 10 years now (through ASBPE), and he's a great fellow, and MOST deserving of this award! Congratulations, Harry, we're all proud of the stance you took ... and hopefully, if we're ever in a similar situation, we'll show the guts that you did.


    Paul J. Heney
    President, TABPI

  2. Paul,
    I'm interested in what your take on the news from Reed might be.
    Nice post on the sale of Fierce. But I do wonder when companies will begin ditching email newsletters.

  3. Hi Anonymous,
    I'm traveling today..and just heard about Reed a few moments ago. I may post something in a few days after I digest the news.