Wednesday, October 01, 2008

What's in a name? Circulation Management rebrands

Circulation Management, the magazine and Web site that has covered the circulation end of the magazine-publishing business, is changing its name to reflect changes in the industry.
Starting in November, the product will be rebranded as Audience Development.

I applaud the move. There can be no doubt that the jobs and tasks of what we once called the circulation department have morphed into something more complex, more challenging and more exciting in today's multi-platform world.

But the change at Circulation Management raises a question.
Circulation Management is owned by Red 7 Media, which is also the parent company of Folio magazine.
And I cannot think of a word that is more closely tied to the print past than "folio."
So can we expect a rebranding of that title as well?

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  1. I doubt many people -- even in the magazine industry -- understand the origins of the word Folio, so I'm not sure what they'd gain.

    However, here's an idea.

    Instead of using the name Folio:

    perhaps they should change the name to:


  2. Hi Rex,
    I love that idea.
    I hate the : they use now in Folio: (and I often don't use it when writing about them.)
    But I'd probably use Folio://
    It would be too fun not to.

  3. This is so interesting to me... I discuss these magazines in my Print Advertising class. I struggle to explain all that is involved in "circulation." I also struggle to explain Folio's name, just as I'm also explaining the challenge of print media to stay relevant!