Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Happy Birthday, dear blog. Happy birthday to you

God how time flies.
It was five years ago today that I launched this blog.
Much has changed since then -- particularly my career.
When I started this blog I was largely unknown to much of the industry. But because of the kind support of my early readers, my name got passed around. And because of that, I've been able to do what I set out to do on Dec. 22, 2004, -- share my thoughts about the challenges that B2B journalism was about to face.
So I want to take a moment here to say "thanks" to those folks who offered their support way, way back in the early days.

Today it's not all that hard to share my thoughts about the industry.
Heck, sometimes folks even ask for my opinion!
And sometimes my ramblings get published on places other than this blog.
Folio magazine, for example, was kind enough to ask for my predictions for 2010. And although I was late in getting something to them, I did manage to put something together.
Take a look here to read a slew of opinions, including mine, about what next year holds.
(Also, I swear, that I will soon get around to writing a follow-up to last year's prediction that the "B2B industry as we know it is about to collapse." That article is now the most-read piece in the history of this blog ... and it's holding up pretty well a year later.)


  1. Congratulations on this notable anniversary! Over these past five years I've been both inspired and depressed by your blog. The inspiration, of course, comes from your insights into the industry and, in particular, your fearlessness in calling it exactly as you see it and not giving an inch to compromisers. The depression has come mostly in the last year, when I've come up with what I think is an original insight for my own blog, only to find you've already covered it more brilliantly than I can. Even so, I will continue to offer tons of encouragement from the sidelines for you to post your thoughts whenever possible. The industry needs them now more than ever!

  2. Hi i would like to take this time to say Congratulations i am a keen reader of this blog and have been for some time now it is always good to see someone who was not known to becoming a well respected person.

  3. I want to thank you for the great commentary on the b2b industry over the last 5 years. Your blog has become a staple in my list of reading. I appreciate your frank analysis of issues. Keep up the great work!

  4. Paul: Congratulations on your blog anniversary! Trying to imagine what the web will look like 5 years from now...
    Happy holidays!
    -Dan Blank

  5. Congratulations from the UK (if a little late).
    There are just not enough bloggers in the B2B media space. So your blog has always been key to me for tackling honestly some serious issues in our sector. But you have also been really supportive for which I would like say thank you.
    Here's to the next five years.

  6. Like a lot of us, this blog seems to be getting MUCH slower in its old age! And a slow blog basically defeats the purpose of blogging right?

  7. Anonymous,
    You're confusing speed with frequency.
    I haven't posted as often in 2009 as in previous years, but each post has been just as "fast" as the previous ones :>
    In other words, I'm not getting slower in my old age, I'm getting more sporadic.