Friday, July 01, 2005

Rob Curley leaves Kansas for Florida

Rob Curley, the new-media genius behind the converged newsroom of the Lawrence Journal-World in Kansas, has accepted a new job in Naples, Fla.
The move comes just days after Rob's work captured the attention of the New York Times.
Rob's move is certainly good news for Naples, but it's a sad day for Lawrence. It's a sad day for me too. I love Kansas and visit at least once a year. And part of the fun of that trip has been watching how the Journal-World serves its community. I've never been anywhere in Florida. But I suppose now I'll have to visit.
Everyone in journalism should pay attention to Rob's work. And everyone should be making some effort to duplicate the success he has had with convergence.


  1. AnonymousJuly 12, 2005

    Hey Paul,

    Don't be sad! :)

    Most of the team (aside from Rob) is staying in Lawrence, so you can count on us continuing to build interesting and exciting things on our sites.

    Adrian / /

  2. Adrian,
    That's certainly good news.
    I'll be back in Kansas for another visit in March, if not sooner. I love that state, I love that town, and I truly love your paper and Web properties.
    It's good to know that when I return, there will new things to keep me excited.